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What is Rabies?
Rabies is a virus that is spread by the saliva of an infected animal and can be fatal. Rabies can be prevented by:

  • Maintaining current rabies vaccinations for all dogs and cats, including indoor cats.
  • Avoiding all wild animals (it’s natural for them to bite).

If your pet comes in contact with a wild animal or domestic dog or cat that is exhibiting unusual behavior, use protective clothing before administering aid to your pet and contact your veterinarian immediately.

Why Spay or Neuter Your Pet?
By spaying/neutering your dog or cat, you can prevent the introduction of more unwanted puppies and kittens into a world that is already full of neglected, abused and homeless animals.

For both male and female, neutering at an early age can help prevent them from later developing health problems. You can make a difference, both for the health and well-being of your own pets and for the well-being of pets everywhere by being a responsible pet owner. Please neuter and spay your pets.