Member Letter 2021

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Dear Member,

Despite the pandemic, as a designated “essential” business, we have managed to keep our doors open this past year with a truly dedicated staff caring for our community’s homeless pets. Unfortunately, we have had to close our building to volunteers and visitors but continue to proceed with adoptions by appointment only. I am happy to share with you that the plans for the new facility have been completed, although we have not yet reached our goal, falling about $400,000 shy of the estimated cost. We cannot begin construction without the full amount since we will have to move the animals to temporary location throughout the re-build. We are confident that with our community’s support, we will be able to offer our animals, staff and public an up to date, more spacious, safe and healthy facility by early 2022. We will be launching a new Capital Campaign drive “Adopt a Room” to help us make this happen in the near future. In an effort to maintain our membership during these difficult times, we have decided to reduce last year’s dues. We rely on our membership to see us through the latter part of winter coupled now with a lack of fundraising events, which makes this membership drive even more important than ever. For your membership, you will not receive a T-shirt or a Tote bag, but you are entitled to vote during elections of officers and directors and you will be an integral part of our organization’s mission:

“To provide a safe haven for our community’s homeless, injured and abused animals, promoting adoption, responsible pet ownership and spaying and neutering.”

We are seeking to fill vacancies on our Board of Directors from our membership. If you have a passion for animal welfare, can attend all Directors meetings either in person or via Zoom and fundraisers, and contribute your time and area of expertise to our mission, please send us a letter of intent for consideration. We fulfill a need in our community and hope to build a
better future for our organization.

On behalf of our efforts and labors of love for our homeless pets, thank you for being a member! Please visit our website at . In lieu of mailing a check, you can use the membership button via Paypal under the “How Do I?” tab.

For the animals,

Suzyn Barron, President



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