Did you know, Christmas miracles do happen?

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Did you know, Christmas miracles do happen?

PAWS TO PONDER by Suzyn Barron, President of Warwick Valley Humane Society


 On November 5, 2022, a family surrendered their 8-month-old Boxer mix dog, named
Sarah, with a badly broken rear leg. The family could not afford the veterinary expense to
repair or remove her leg. We chose the former, so Sarah was remanded to complete cage rest
with a cast for over two months with only leashed potty breaks. She was sadly very under-
socialized and nervous, which she demonstrated with her fearful barking at those she didn’t
know and trust. Fast forward to early December when after two months of “meet and greets”
with her patient potential adopters and their wonderful dog, Cassius, Sarah has a new family
with an extra-large fenced in yard to chase and be chased at top speed on her perfectly
mended leg!

Cheesedoodle and Caruso, two orange and white male felines were only five months when they
met in the shelter. They became inseparable. In July of 2022, when they were of age, they
were married by the Village Mayor. Unfortunately, they both have herpes which sometimes
flares up and requires medication putting off adopters despite Cheesedoodle doing his best to
impress while Caruso faked an “I don’t care” attitude. Until a young family experienced in
handling health issues chose them to adopt!

Last August Animal Control picked up a stray dog with a registered microchip. The owner told
us she had given Marcy to her cousin who happened to be the person who called about her
being a stray dog! Obviously unwanted, Marcy came into shelter. This super happy chocolate
lab mix with the ever-wagging tail could barely contain her exuberance no matter the time of
day or who she was with. Marcy loves life despite her difficult first six years. Her new family
made sure she and her dog sister were comfortable with each other which took several visits
before taking Marcy home for good.

Pasta was one of ten cats seized from a hoarding case in September 2021 at 4 years old. He,
too, was under-socialized but with time and special attention from staff and volunteers, he
decided he liked not being afraid of humans anymore and began looking for his person to take
him home. He was successful and was adopted on December 9th.

For three long weeks, a young Akita was reported loose between two towns but always
returning to the same vicinity. A professional dog trapper was called and within a day, she was
caught. She couldn’t have been happier to finally be with people. We named her Delilah, a
one-to-two-year female Akita with a black face and the sweetest disposition. It took 4 months,
but she finally found a family who appreciates her breed and youthful personality. Delilah met
the large parrot in the home and understanding that the bird is in charge finalized her adoption.
So, Christmas miracles do happen even for homeless animals and their caregivers.

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