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  • SAVE THE DATE for our Grand Re-opening May 20, 2023

WE ARE HOME….And it is beyond what we imagined, dreamed and hoped for….

On February 3rd, the dogs returned to Warwick from their temporary quarters at the former Monroe Dog Shelter to their upgraded kennels with new lighting, stainless steel kennel doors and partitions and a fresh coat of fear free paint, with our grateful thanks to the Town of Warwick.

On Saturday, February 4th, all 75 cats and kittens were transferred to the new shelter and divided up into 9 rooms filled with natural light and big picture windows allowing for natural enrichment. 7 of these rooms are currently free roaming with towers and beds and lots of toys.

The purpose of free roaming rooms is to better prepare the cats to transition to their anticipated adoptive home.  One of these rooms is our “Lee”-isure Room, so named in memory of our beloved, Lee Peterson who was our dear friend, corresponding secretary, and face of Warwick Valley Humane Society, well known for her heartfelt letters, raffle sales, canister collections and devotion to our homeless pets.

Then on Sunday, February 5th, with the unbelievable help of Boy Scout Troop 38 along with their parents and volunteers, our temporary cat and rabbit location was emptied with several truckloads made to the new facility over a four hour period.  We are finally back home after 15 months of displacement due to construction, and it is miraculous.

This would not have been possible without securing the initial $500,000 grant from the New York State Companion Animal fund made available specifically for improvement to shelters for “secure containment, health, and adequate care of sheltered dogs and cats”. But this grant only covered 1/4 of the cost but with $700,000 in other grant funds we hit $1,200,000.  Through the generosity of our community and a very few major donors, we were able to complete this project for our animals, staff, visitors, adopters, and our community as a whole.  Plaques honoring our large contributors will grace our beautiful lobby.

As we finalize the moving in craze and learn where the locations of all the light switches are, we ask for the public’s patience in resuming our normal open hours. Until such time we will be using an appointment schedule for all activities. 

Finally, our immense thanks to the Town of Warwick for granting us permission to rebuild the 53 year old shelter and to our Architects, Chris Collins and Kevin Malone and our Mechanical Engineer, Matthew Blake who understood our vision and need and designed an incredible animal shelter.  And to our Contractor, Dave and Bonnie Woglom of Woglom Construction for working closely with us on all of the choices and concerns and to all of their sub-contractors who together built this amazing contemporary safe haven for our community’s homeless pets.

Mark your calendars and save the date for the Grand Re-opening to be held on May 20, 2023!

If you are interested in any of our shelter residents – please complete our adoption application found here on our website under FORMS and DOWNLOADS.

PLEASE PRINT THE APPLICATION, COMPLETE and FAX to 845-987-8995 or via email to


Monetary contributions are also needed to help us care for our homeless pets and may sent to P.O. Box 61, Warwick, NY 10990 or through the Paypal button below.

Everyone is asked to please use the hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting.   Thank you for continuing Safe Sanitary Protocols.

Warwick Valley Humane Society

The Warwick Valley Humane Society, Inc. (WVHS) is a not for profit corporation of the State of New York. Founded in 1954, we have operated the Warwick Animal Shelter since 1968.  We are the second oldest humane society in Orange County.

The WVHS provides Animal Control Services via contracts with the Towns of Warwick and Chester. Warwick is a 104 square mile town in Southern Orange County that includes the villages of Florida, Greenwood Lake and Pine Island. The town of Chester includes the well known craft village of Sugar Loaf. We contract with the town of Tuxedo as an impound facility.

We admit approximately 500 animals including, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs etc. Our return to owner and adoption rates are 91% for dogs and 85% for cats.


Warwick Valley Humane Society is dedicated to improving the lives of animals in our community and beyond by protecting all animals and keeping lost and homeless pets safe and happily sheltered until being reunited or adopted.  We advocate for compassion, respect, humane treatment and responsibility for all animals, and promoting spaying and neutering through education and programs.

Our core values as a humane society are rooted in our passion for animal C.A.R.E.

Compassion and Kindness: We believe that all animals are deserving and worthy of compassion and kindness.

Advocacy and Education:  We believe that a community benefits from advocacy for animal welfare and that education is a critical component of creating a humane world.

Respect and Protect the Lives of Animals:  We believe in protecting and respecting the five freedoms of animals which are:

  1. The right to be free from hunger and thirst
  2. The right to be free from fear and distress
  3. The right to be free from physical and thermal discomfort
  4. The right to be free from pain, injury and disease
  5. The right to be free to express normal patterns of behavior

Excellence and Innovation:  We believe in striving for the highest level in animal care through innovative and creative action.